Millaa Millaa Township

  • Golf

    Millaa Millaa has a 9 hole Golf Course set in scenic greenery - one of the most beautiful in North Queensland!

  • Lyons Park Millaa Millaa

    Main Street: beautiful picnic spot, shady trees and BBQ. Giant Kauri Pine Logs on Display. Historical statue of the explorer Christie Palmerston and Pompo. Unusual statue depicting the dairy industry in this district.

  • Millaa Millaa Lookout

    - East Evelyn road leads to Queensland's Highest Main Road passing the Millaa Millaa Lookout. On this road is a marvelous panoramic view of the Tablelands, also a view of Queensland's two highest mountains, BARTLE FRERE and BELLENDEN KER.

  • Windy Hill Farm

    WINDY HILL FARM – Wind Turbine Electricity Generators 5km from Ravenshoe & 22km from Millaa. They have a Rotor Diameter of 40m to 50m and overall height of about 70m. 20 are installed.

  • Tarzali Lakes Aquaculture Centre

    Tarzali Lakes Aquaculture Centre is located on 40 acres with 7 large ponds - Fishing Fun - Pearl Perch and Yellow Belly Red claw Crayfish - 30,000 fish in stock. Wildlife viewing - Platypus observation Ph : 07 4097 2713 website :

  • Mungalli Creel Biodynamic Dairy

    - Mungalli Creel Biodynamic Dairy is located on Brooks Road, 10kms from the town centre. Call in for a cuppa at the 'Out Of The Whey Teahouse' and view the making of cheese and yoghurt at the same time. Ph: 07 4097 2232 website :

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